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Build a Miniature or Collector's Highboy
Sept 10 - 14, 2018
During this week long class we will be combining the use of both hand tools and modern machinery while investigating this miniature masterspiece. This is an actual miniature at roughly 28" tall, almost quarter scale but an uneaqualed learning experience and true to the original with only a few slight changes. One of the best parts of this class is the small amount of lumber needed to build this exceptional piece. Your time spent learning most aspects of the construction techniques used in building this piece will have untold benefits (brownie points) when your completed project gets delivered to your better half, not counting the knowledge towards your future projects. Period construction will help you with all you future construction needs.
This course will cover sawing out then working out a cabriole leg along with a trifid foot and carving a shell on the bottom center drawer. Dovetailed and mortise and tenon case construction with flat top molding (not broken arch) and very fine drawer dovetails are a plus. This is an extremely intensive study of this piece. We will cover most aspects of the construction techniques needed to produce this wonderful piece so by the end of the week you will be able to take this piece back home for completion. Price for this class is $1250 with lunch included. A cut and tool list will be provided. Hrs: M-T 8-4:30 F 8-3