Dec 10 - 14, 2018


Building a Virginia / North Carolina Huntboard

During this week long class you will learn the period construction techniques used to build a Virginia / North Carolina Huntboard. A country cousin to it's high style sideboard relative. You can add all the bells and whistles to this piece like fineline (stringing) bell flowers and many other Federal embellishments if you like.  In class you will complete the case construction joinery and hand cut dovetails for the drawers with little to do at home. This piece has straight tapered legs, scalloped skirts and cock beaded drawers. You will learn many techniques from a 100 year old family business with time saving methods to help with many of your future projects. The cost for this class is $1250. Lunch is also included. A tool and a cut list will be provided so you can bring your own hand tools and lumber. 

Hours: Mon - Thur 8 - 4:30 Fri 8 - 3