December 9 - 13, 2019

Philadelphia Chippendale Card Table


During this week long class you will learn the period construction techniques needed to produce this wonderful card table. You will learn dovetailing both case and drawer joinery. The swing leg has a wooden hinge you will cut and fit You will learn the in's and out's of building a curved drawer front with Cock beaded edge. We will cover carving  a rope twist on the face of the legs, along with carved corner brackets, and a gadrooning a skirt. The cost for this class is $1250 with lunch included. A tool list will be provided so you can bring your own hand tools.

Hours: Mon - Thur 8 - 4:30 Fri 8 

Philadelphia Card Table

Hand Cut Dovetails


You will learn the techniques we use to hand cut and fit dovetails for both case and drawer constructions. We have many tricks to both improve your execution and time saving methods.

Hand Carved Rope Twist


This table has many embellishments such as a rope twist carved down the face of the legs ending in a Marlborough foot,. carved corner brackets , with a gadrooned molding under front rail and case sides.

Hand Cut Swing Leg


You will learn how to cut and fit a wood hinge. looks harder than it actually is.

Learn layout and design


This table has many period embellishments that can be used on numerous future pieces.

Veneer a curved drawer front


Come learn the construction methods we use to veneer a curved drawer front. This method can be used on other surfaces also.

Mortise and Tenon construction


You will use both modern machinery and time tested hand tools to produce this common joint.