June 10 - 14, 2019 Building a Chippendale Chest

Shenandoah Valley Four Drawer Chest

This 5 day class will be an in depth study of the joinery techniques used to build a Shenandoah Valley of Virginia four drawer chest of drawers. You will learn many timesaving method for laying out and executing hand cut dovetails, fluted quarter columns, and ogee feet along with many other processes which will help you with many other  future projects.  We will cover Chippendale drawer construction with overlapping drawer fronts. This chest will store countless treasures for many generations. We will provide you with a cut and tool list so you can bring the materials of you choice and tools you are familiuar with.  Lunch will be included. Cost for this class is $1250   Hours:  Mon -Thur 8 - 4:30 Fri 8 - 3

Chippendale case construction


Build a box and add a few drawers. Build upon the previous steps. Add molding and feet with corner embellishments. This will be a piece to start a lifetime of enjoyment.

Design and Layout to produce the best product


Come learn case construction. Add a top and a bottom. With interior construction come learn the methods to hold together and support all the internal workings so you can build a piece that will last over any lifetimes.

Hand cut and fit dovetails with over 100 years of family secrets


Hone your skills. Use your hand tools. We can show you how to get the best out of what you have to work with, Hand tools are the best way to get all you can with only a little investment.

Drawer construction with many time saving techniques


Drawers will hold countless secrets. So let us show the secerts needed to produce a box made from wood that will last over multiple lifetimes. Embellishments abound.

Embellishment like quarter columns with capitols and bases.


In the mid 1700's Greek and Roman ruins became the modern day wants for period furniture design. 300 years later we can show you how to reproduce these lasting desires for furniture construction which can be painted for today's modern interior design.

Build an Ogee foot with time and material saving methods


After all is said and done. A piece of furniture is only what it stands upon. Let us show you many ways of supporting the work you have spent so much time developing and building.