Federal Tea Table

This tea table is similar to one George Washington had tea on before retiring most evenings. Federal embellishments could be easily added.

We will send you a cut list so you can provide your desired wood. This will be a week long class with lunch included.

M - Th   8 - 4:30

F   8 - 3

Cost for this class is $1250

Building a federal tea table

Drop leaves


This table has two drop leaves with intersecting rule joints. 

Hand cut dovetails


You will learn how to hand cut dovatails on a Federal style drawer

Oval Table Top


When in the raised position the top forms an oval.



You will cut and fit a fly rail or paddle with finger joints

One operating drawer


This table has one operating drawer with cock beading along with a non operating drawer on the opposite end

Mortise and tenon construction


This table has mortise and tenon construction. With a dovetails top rail over the drawer.