March 18 - 22, 2018

Miniature Highboy

During this week long class we will be combining the use of both hand tools and power tools while investigating the period construction techniques used in building this collectors piece. This will be a piece to hand down through many generations. Measured at only 30" in height this piece has the same joinery as a full size highboy.  Cost for this class is $1250. You will be supplied a cut list so you can bring your own material. Lunch is included.

An excellent piece


This is one of our most popular classes. With this class you will learn many different types of joinery which can be translated to many different pieces in your future.

Very small amount of lumber needed


The lumber will be the only thing that will be limited in this class. This piece has all the bells and whistles. Cabriole legs with a carved shell. Delicate moldings enhance this pieces appeal.

Learn hand cutting small dovetails


The case construction used on this piece is the same construction used on a full size highboy.  This piece has many different types of dovetails. We use a mix of hand tools and modern machinery to help execute a hand cut dovetail. You will also cut and fit mortise and tenon joints for the base.

Learn how we carve a shell


We will show you how we design, layout and execute a hand carved shell. This embellishment can be used on countless other pieces.

Learn the in's and out's of case construction


The case construction will have half blind dovetails with sliding dovetails. The drawers will be supported by full dust dividers set into a dado and glued to the back side of the rail or drawer blade.

Cut out and shape a cabriole leg


This piece has the option of many different cabriole legs.  You have the choice of a turned pad, a triphed (3 toed) or a ball and claw foot. This alone might be worth the class.