Furniture Construction Techniques


This class will be concentrating on the period (1820 and earlier) construction techniques used to build pieces of furniture. There are only a handful of joints needed to learn. You will use a mix of modern machinery and time proven hand tool. You will execute many of the joinery techniques needed to produce most of our countries finest pieces. You will also learn many different techniques we use to embellish these same pieces. With a continuing family business of over 100 years of building and restoring period furniture we have many time saving methods along with helping hone your joinery skills so this shouldn't be a class to miss. Cost for this class is $1250 including materials with lunch included. We will send you a tool list so you can bring your own tools to add to a perfect week of period furniture construction and embellishment but if you don't have that certain tool don't worry you can use ours with previous notice.  Class start on Monday - Thursday  8 am - 4:30 pm Friday 8am - 3 pm 

Hand Cut Dovetails


Learn the tricks of cutting and fitting dovetails. We will cover through dovetails, half blind dovetails, and sliding dovetails. These three types of dovetails should cover most of your dovetailing needs.

Learn General Case Construction


There many different methods of holding two pieces of wood together. Learn what joint to use where and when.

Mortise and Tenon Construction


Mortise and tenons are used in table construction. You will also see them on door construction plus many other circumstances.

Come learn Period Embellishment


There are many different ways to add embellishments. we will cover both Federal embellishments like inlays and also Chippendale embellishments like hand carvings. 

Many Secrets to share form an 100 Year old Family Business


We have many time saving and construction secrets from  operating our family business since 1918 in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Learn Paneled Door Joinery


With door construction we will show you mortise and tenon construction with coped corners and raised panels.