Build a Chippendale side chair

May 13 - 17, 2019

During this 5 day class we will be combining the use of both hand tools and modern machinery needed to reproduce this tidewater of Virginia side chair. This chair has angled mortises and straight tenons as does the original it was copied from. Period chair construction joinery can be used on countless of your future pieces. The price for this class is $1250 with lunch included. A tool and cut list will be provided so you can bring your own hand tools and the lumber of your choice



Please come and learn the construction tehniques needed to build a chair. Many cabinetmakers say if you can build a chair you can build anything



Building a chair will expose you to many different aspects of furniture construction. Mortise and tenon joinery is a requisite for chair construction. Compound angles are a must to build a chair. This class could be your entranceway to Quantum physics.



Wood you believe that a chair can hold the weight of a woman or man for both comfortable and uncomfortable moments during dinner. When I am uncomfortable I squirm in my seat. Imagine 100 years of countless squirming in a chair that you built. I would like my great grandchild to be well supported.

Attention to layout


Working out both back posts ate the same time will save countless headaches. Only one of many methods to speed up and enhance you final product

Angled mortises with straight tenons


Learn to layout and produce an angled mortise so that the straight side rail tenon has no apologies for the sands of time. This method of construction will hold up better than an angled tenon by design. 

Options for crest rails and back splats


Once the basic  layout and construction methods are realized any embellishment can be added to whatever chair you desire to produce.